Research Project ANOTHER

  • Androids as Significant Others

Banner image: Courtesy of Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratory, ATR.  

Androids as Significant Others - ANOTHER

The objective of this project is to explore the potential of fundamental human constraints as design principles for android robotics. Going against engineering intuition, it will be hypothesized that the emulation of human limitations by ultra-realistic humanlike robotic platforms directly augments the vitality of human–robot interaction (HRI). The project will provide a phenomenological analysis of constitutive human constraints (e.g. uniqueness, finitude) and examine their effect on intersubjective interaction. Based on these findings it will derive concrete parameters to be emulated by android robotic applications, empirically test the developed theory in a pilot study, and pursue a design patent application. 

The ANOTHER project is embedded in the Research Unit for Robophilosophy (R.U.R) at Aarhus University. and funded by Danish Council for Independent Research | Humanities. PI: Marco Nørskov