Studies in Integrative Social Robotics

Studies in Integrative Social Robotics - INSOR

Social robotics—the production of robots with “social skills” or even “social intelligence”—is driving a technological revolution of possibly unprecedented disruptive potential, both at the socio-economic and the socio-cultural level.  Since we cannot anticipate the long-term socio-cultural effects of the wide-spread use of social robots, we need to develop new forms of research organisation that will enable us to regulate social robotics applications from the beginning and not, as currently, after the fact. “Integrative Social Robotics” (ISR) is a new strategy for developing  social robotics applications—it tighly integrates robotics research with a wide scope of research disciplines that investigate human social interactions, including empirical, conceptual, and value-theoretic research in the Humanities. The project is supported by a Carlsberg Semper Ardens grant and involves 25 researchers from 11 disciplines and 7 countries.