Project Coordinator

Johanna Seibt

Ph.D., Dr. phil. habil., Professor 

Aarhus University Research Unit for Robophilosophy - School of Culture and Society


Research areas:

  • Ontology of interactions
  • Perceptual foundations of moral cognition
  • Ontological and ethical aspects of the dynamics of classificatory concepts for artifacts

Malene Flensborg Damholdt

Ph.D., Asociate Professor

Aarhus University Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences


Research areas:

  • Perception of psychological agency in robots
  • Embracement of social robots
  • Experience of self-efficacy
  • Psychological aspects affecting interactions with social robots

Mads Jensen

Ph.D., Assistant Professor (until  August 2022)

Aarhus University Department for Cognitive Science and Research Unit RISR


Research areas:

  • Neuroscientific research on agency
  • Neuroscientific research on implicit social cognition in human-robot interaction
  • Perception of agency in interaction with robots

Stefan Larsen

Ph.D, Senior Technical Consultant

 Aarhus University, Research Unit RISR and CAVI


Areas of consultancy:

  • Robotics
  • Process Automation Development and Deployment

Christina Vestergaard

Ph.D., Docent at VIA College and Researcher at AU

 Aarhus University  Research Unit for Robophilosophy - School of Culture and Society


Research areas:

  • Anthropology of technology

  • Conflict resolution
  • Human- robot interaction
  • Qualitative methodology in social robotics