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The Department of Culture and Society is concerned with the interplay between culture and society in time and space throughout history - from ancient times to current issues and from locale questions to global challenges.


2014.07.04 | History and achaeology, Education

Harvard summer school in Aarhus

Harvard students are attending a summer school at Aarhus University for the seventh year in a row.

2014.05.26 | Awards

I always wanted to be an archaeologist

She’s an archaeology graduate from Aarhus University, and is described by her colleagues as a key figure in Bronze Age archaeology research. Professor Marie Louise Stig Sørensen is this year’s winner of the Rigmor and Carl Holst Knudsen Science Award, in recognition of her scientific work and its international impact.

2014.03.06 | Research

New Study sheds light on how social understanding is performd by the brain

A new study from the Interacting Minds Centre settles an important question about how social understanding is performed in the brain. The findings may help us to attain a better understanding of why people with autism and schizophrenia have difficulties with social interaction.


Tue 01 Jul
00:00-00:00 | Aarhus University
Call for papers: The 2nd Symposium on Chinese Foreign Language (CFL) Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice
Deadline for submission of abstracts is 15th September, 2014
Wed 20 Aug
00:00-00:00 | Aarhus University, building 1441
R2D2 and 3CPO are no longer far in the future--soon it may be common for us to interact with socially intelligent robots in contexts of public service, elderly care, health care, or education. What are the conceptual, ethical, and political implications of this development? Are we witnessing a turning point in human cultural history? Social robotics puts traditional philosophical questions about human nature into a new key.
Thu 21 Aug
09:00-16:00 | Aarhus University, Moesgaard
[Translate to English:] WHY 3 D?
[Translate to English:] Challenges and solutions with the use of 3D visualizations in cultural history disciplines
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