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The Department of Culture and Society is concerned with the interplay between culture and society in time and space throughout history - from ancient times to current issues and from locale questions to global challenges.


2014.11.17 | Seminar, Research

Has one of Harald Bluetooth’s fortresses come to light?

In September 2014, archaeologists from the Danish Castle Centre and Aarhus University announced the discovery of a Viking fortress in a field belonging to Vallø Manor, located west of Køge on the east coast of Sealand. This was the first discovery of its kind in Denmark in over 60 years. Since then, archaeologists have been waiting impatiently for…

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2014.10.30 | People

Internationally respected evolution researcher to be a visiting professor at Aarhus University

From January onwards Joseph Carroll is going to be a visiting professor at the Centre for Biocultural History.

2014.10.08 | Talent development, Interdisciplinær religionsforskning

AU sets up joint PhD degree programme with Queen’s University in Belfast

A new agreement between the graduate school at the Faculty of Arts and The Queen’s University of Belfast gives students the chance to take a joint PhD degree in the Cognitive Science of Religion from both universities.


Tue 14 Oct
00:00-00:00 | Aarhus University
Brazil: The Land of the Future?
Call for abstracts: Deadline for submission is 1 December 2014
Mon 24 Nov
13:00-17:00 | Aarhus University, Moesgaard building 4206, Room 139
PHD-Defence: Heide Wrobel Nørgaard
Craftsmanship and Metalwork in the Nordic Bronze Age: Craft Organisation, Craftspeople and their Areas of Contact.
Wed 26 Nov
12:00-14:00 | Philosophy and Intellectual History, 1467/316
Research talk: Antje Gimmler (Aalborg Universitet)
”Hvad er praksis? Om erfaring, handling og viden i et pragmatisk perspektiv”
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