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Department of Theology

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Theology is concerned with the exploration of Christianity - and its interaction with culture and society -  past and present. Theology is a unity comprising the following fields or disciplines: the Old Testament, the New Testament, church history, dogmatics, ethics and philosophy of religion. Research and teaching also includes practical theology and theology of religion as well as the global spread of Christianity. Topics span a broad spectrum, from exegetic and literary readings of the biblical scriptures, analyses of the relation between church, society and state, and studies in Global Christianity to reflection on ethical dilemmas and issues of topical interest to philosophy of religion.  

The academic staff's research competences include a wide range of methodological approaches from the fields of history, philology, history of literature, philosophy, sociology, politology and psychology.

Research environment

Theology at Aarhus University is one of the largest environments for theological research in Europe and attracts a number of internationally recognised researchers. The environment is nationally and internationally renowned for its research activities in a number of areas such as Christianity in antiquity, reformation theology, bioethics and nanoethics, as well as the study of N.F.S. Grundtvig and K.E. Løgstrup.

The programme's researchers are often involved in interdisciplinary projects and networks with researchers from other fields, including the study of religion, the humanities in general, medicine and social science.

Degree programmes

The Theology Programme offers Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in Theology (cand.theol.), Master's degree programme in Diaconia, the joint Nordic Master in the Religious Roots of Europe as well as a number of elective subjects and continuing education courses. 

Academic staff

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Abrahamsen, Lærke Brinkmann Student Teacher
Ahlefeldt-Laurvig, Mette Maria H External VIP
Andersen, Svend Professor Emeritus teosa@cas.au.dk +4525394401
Bach-Nielsen, Carsten Associate Professor Emeritus/Emerita teocbn@cas.au.dk
Birkler, Margrethe Kamille PhD Student mkbn@cas.au.dk 1453, 323
Bjelland Kartzow, Marianne Honorary professor au724167@cas.au.dk
Brorson, Mikael PhD Student mb@cas.au.dk 1453, 333
Bugge, David Associate Professor teodb@cas.au.dk +4587162448 1453, 425
Cerioni, Lavinia Postdoc lav.cer@cas.au.dk +4587169148 1453, 426
Engberg, Jakob Associate Professor je@cas.au.dk +4587162468 1451, 424
Falkenberg, René Associate Professor rf@cas.au.dk +4587162874 1451, 327
Glas, Jacob Evert Postdoc jeglas@cas.au.dk +4587168983 1451, 422
Glass, Rivkah Gillian Postdoc rgglass@cas.au.dk +4587168984 1451, 422
Holm, Bo Kristian Professor with Special Responsibilities teobh@cas.au.dk +4587162453 1453, 428
Holt, Else Kragelund Emeritus/Emerita VIP teoekh@cas.au.dk
Ingesman, Per Professor Emeritus teopi@cas.au.dk
Jacobsen, Anders-Christian Professor alj@cas.au.dk +4587169141 1453, 424
Jensen, Marie Katrine Student Teacher
Jensen, Svend Fodgaard Teaching Associate Professor teosfj@cas.au.dk +4587162442 1453, 322
Jeppesen, Anna Bank PhD Student abj@cas.au.dk 1453, 333
Larsen, Kasper Bro Professor kbl@cas.au.dk +4587169134 1451, 324
Lehmann, Henning Jensen External VIP lehmann@cas.au.dk
Liebermann, Rosanne Assistant Professor rosanne.liebermann@cas.au.dk +4587169136 1451, 325
Malmgart, Liselotte Associate Professor lm@cas.au.dk +4587162752 1451, 429
Mathiasen Stopa, Sasja Emilie Postdoc. stopa@cas.au.dk +4526257674 1453, 422
Mathorne, William PhD Student wm@cas.au.dk 1453, 323
Mortensen, Jacob Palle Bliddal Associate Professor teojmo@cas.au.dk +4587169132 1451, 326
Mortensen, Oskar Emanuel Student Teacher
Nielsen, Kirsten Professor Emeritus kn@cas.au.dk +4586162394
Nielsen, Markus Valentin Student Teacher
Nissen, Johannes Emeritus/Emerita VIP teojn@cas.au.dk
Nissen, Ulrik Associate Professor teoubn@cas.au.dk +4587162461 1453, 427
Olsen, Nikolaj Teaching Associate Professor no@cas.au.dk +4587162547 1451, 425
Pedersen, Else Marie Wiberg Associate Professor Emeritus/Emerita teoewp@cas.au.dk
Pedersen, Nils Arne Associate Professor teonap@cas.au.dk +4587162415 1451, 426
Petersen, Laura Bjørg Serup PhD Student lbsp@cas.au.dk 1453, 331
Pracht, Erich Benjamin Postdoc ebp@cas.au.dk +4587169131 1453, 426
Rønkilde, Jette Bendixen Honorary associate professor teojbr@cas.au.dk
Schmidt, Ulla Associate Professor teous@cas.au.dk +4587162437 1451, 431
Shapiro, Anat PhD Student ansh@cas.au.dk 1453, 331
Sommer Bostrup, Mattias Assistant Professor msb@cas.au.dk +4587169139 1451, 423
Sørensen, Dan Enok Teaching Associate Professor teodes@cas.au.dk +4587162474 1451, 427
Thorsen, Jakob Egeris Associate professor, head of department teojet@cas.au.dk +4587169147 1453, 433
Thunbo, Michael Mørch PhD Student mt@cas.au.dk
Trénel, Elias Student Teacher
Uusimäki, Elisa Professor elisa.uusimaki@cas.au.dk +4587169129 1451, 323
Vrangbæk, Christian Houth Postdoc chv@cas.au.dk 1453, 430
Vrangbæk, Eva Elisabeth Houth PhD Student eehv@cas.au.dk +4587162512 1453, 430
Welz, Claudia Professor clw@cas.au.dk +4587169145 1453, 423
Widmann, Peter Professor Emeritus pw@cas.au.dk