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Philosophy and History of Ideas


Both Philosophy and the History of Ideas are concerned with the thoughts and ideas that have marked the Western world from antiquity to the present day. The focus of Philosophy is primarily on a systematic perspective that seeks to identify the bases for our various practices and concepts. The focus of the History of Ideas is primarily on a historical perspective that aims at revealing our intellectual heritage. We can thus say that Philosophy is concerned with the validity of our various concepts whereas the History of Ideas is more concerned with which concepts have been – and in some cases still are – considered valid.

In this respect, both Philosophy and the History of Ideas are interdisciplinary in their focus, but while the History of Ideas explores the relations between many different fields and disciplines, it is characteristic of Philosophy that it addresses the fundamental questions that precede any division into fields and disciplines.

Research environment

The academic environment in Philosophy and the History of Ideas at Aarhus University is the largest of its type in Denmark and – especially because of the productive tension between the systematic and historical perspectives – the research conducted is characterised by an undogmatic and open-minded worldview. The researchers are thus involved in a variety of interdisciplinary projects both within and outside the Faculty of Arts.

Degree programmes

Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes as well as a number of electives are offered in both Philosophy and the History of Ideas.

Academic staff

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Andersen, Casper Associate Professor ideca@cas.au.dk +4587162893 1465, 626
Becker, Anna Katharina Professor with Special Responsibilities anna.becker@cas.au.dk +4587162246 1465, 625
Bek-Thomsen, Jakob Associate professor, research programme director idejbt@cas.au.dk +4587162285 1465, 624
Bjerring, Jens Christian Associate Professor filjcb@cas.au.dk
Brock, Steen Associate Professor filsb@cas.au.dk +4587162265 1467, 523
Busch, Jacob Associate Professor, Department Manager filjab@cas.au.dk +4593521909 1467, 630
Büter, Anke Associate Professor abueter@cas.au.dk +4587162526 1465, 522
Christiansen, Christian O. Associate Professor idecoc@cas.au.dk +4587162278 1465, 630
Dias, Tobias PhD Student idetd@cas.au.dk +4526815875 1465, 530
Dige, Morten Associate Professor filmd@cas.au.dk +4587162263 1467, 525
Dyring, Rasmus Associate Professor filrd@cas.au.dk +4551788292 1465, 618
Fabian, Louise Associate Professor idelfl@cas.au.dk +4587162658 1465, 628
Fink, Hans Emeritus filhf@cas.au.dk +4526177213 1467, 528
Gundersen, Lars Bo Associate Professor fillg@cas.au.dk +4587162274 1465, 615
Hansen, Anders Lund idealh@cas.au.dk 1465, 520
Holm, Andreas Beck Associate Professor anbh@cas.au.dk +4587162294 1467, 625
Jensen, Uffe Juul Professor Emeritus filujj@cas.au.dk +4520227691 1465, 430
Jeppesen, Morten Haugaard Associate Professor idemhj@cas.au.dk +4587162268 1467, 626
Jørgensen, Dorthe Associate Professor idedj@cas.au.dk +4587162284 1465, 623
Kaalund, Nanna Katrine Lüders Postdoc nklk@cas.au.dk 1465, 530
Krause-Jensen, Katrine Assistant Professor filkkj@cas.au.dk 1467, 530
Kreis, Guido Associate Professor guido.kreis@cas.au.dk +4587162136 1467, 624
Langballe, Niels Wilde Research Assistant filnwl@cas.au.dk
Laursen, Henning Høgh !!Emeritus filhhl@cas.au.dk 1467, 520
Mainz, Jakob Thrane Postdoc jtm@cas.au.dk +4528120844 1467, 619
Mattingly, Cheryl Professor au478335@cas.au.dk
Mercader, Sofía Postdoc smercader@cas.au.dk
Morsing, Ole Emeritus ideom@cas.au.dk +4526173478
Munch, Lauritz Aastrup Postdoc laumu@cas.au.dk +4520839162 1467, 617
Nørskov, Marco Associate Professor filmanp@cas.au.dk +4561968678 1467, 226
Rasmussen, Anders Moe Associate Professor filamr@cas.au.dk +4587162281 1467, 526
Rodogno, Raffaele Associate Professor filrr@cas.au.dk +4587162259 1467, 521
Rumberg, Antje Postdoc a.rumberg@cas.au.dk
Schanz, Hans-Jørgen Professor Emeritus idehjs@cas.au.dk +4521244605
Seibt, Johanna Professor filseibt@cas.au.dk +4587162245 1467, 230
Steglich-Petersen, Asbjørn Professor filasp@cas.au.dk +4561718439
Sørensen, Peter Aaboe Teaching Assistant Professor idepaas@cas.au.dk +4587162252 1465, 620
Thisted, Jens !!Emeritus VIP jenst@cas.au.dk 1467, 520
Thorup, Mikkel Professor idemt@cas.au.dk +4587162253 1465, 622
Varga, Somogy Professor varga@cas.au.dk 1467, 519
Vestergaard, Christina Postdoc etnocv@cas.au.dk 1467, 222
Wackerhausen, Steen !!Adjungeret professor filsw@cas.au.dk
Wentzer, Thomas Schwarz Professor with Special Responsibilities filts@cas.au.dk +4587162295 1467, 623
Zawieska, Karolina Postdoc k.zawieska@cas.au.dk +4591801900