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New Open Online Course in Danish History at danmarkshistorien.dk

- Historie og Klassiske Studier

It is now possible to take a full online course in Danish History in both Danish and English, with the course titled "A History of Denmark from the…

5 new Professors at Department for History and Classical Studies

- Historie og Klassiske Studier

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the following employees have accepted a professorship at History:

  • Wulf Kansteiner takes up his…

Bogudgivelse: Sesame Street - A Transnational History

- Afdelingsarrangement (vises ikke på institutforsiden)

In Sesame Street: A Transnational History, author Helle Strandgaard Jensen tells the story of how the American television show became a global brand.…

Bogudgivelse: History and the Formation of Marxism

- Historie og Klassiske Studier

This book redefines the relationship between Marxism and history.

Wulf Kansteiner is president-elect at Memory Studies Association

- Historie og Klassiske Studier

Professor MSO Wulf Kansteiner has been elected President-elect at Memory Studies Association

Bogudgivelse: Lutheranism and social responsibility

- Historie og Klassiske Studier

Associate professor Nina Javette Koefoed is out with a new book "Lutheranism and social responsibility".

The book investigates what the obligation to…

Tillid til vacciner gennem tiden

Billede af Niels Brimnes
- Historie og Klassiske Studier

Interview med Niels Brimnes i 21 Søndag på DR1

Bogudgivelse: The Death of Tidericus the Organist: Plague and Conspiracy Theory in Hanseatic Visby

Billede af bog
- Historie og Klassiske Studier

Richard Coles nye bog, "The Death of Tidericus the Organist: Plague and Conspiracy Theory in Hanseatic Visby" er netop udgivet med The Viking Society…