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2019.03.08 | Historie og Klassiske Studier, Arts, Awards

Dobbeltværket De danske ministerier, Anker Jørgensens tid 1972-1982 og Poul Schlüters tid 1982-1993 er nomineret til årets historiske bog 2018

Historikerne Thorsten Borring Olesen og Niels Wium Olesens dobbelte værk De danske ministerier, Anker Jørgensens tid 1972-1982 og Poul Schlüters tid 1982-1993, er nomineret til endnu en pris, prisen Årets Historiske Bog 2018. Der kan stemmes på de nominerede bøger indtil 15. marts via dette link…

Assistant Professor Thomas Birch (Photo: Michael Johansen, Foto & Medielab, Moesgård Museum).

2019.03.07 | Arkæologi

Exploring Sardinia's unique development

Assistant Professor Thomas Birch is part of an international project that has received funding from The Arts and Humanities Research Council to study medieval Sardinia.

2019.03.01 | Arkæologi

Prehistoric Society Research Grant

Christian Steven Hoggard (Assistant Professor) and Felix Riede (Professor MSO) have been awarded a Prehistoric Society Research Grant

2019.02.15 | Globale Studier

Naja Morell Hjortshøj – New PhD at the Department of Global Studies

Naja will be affiliated Chinas Studies and her project title is: “Innovation and Entrepreneurship with Chinese Characteristics”.

Photo: Colourbox.com

2019.02.19 | Research, Arkæologi

Archaeology at Aarhus University and Moesgaard Museum part of major HORIZON 2020 digital cultural heritage initiative

On 11-14 February, the ARIADNEplus project was launched, which is the world’s largest digital network and research infrastructure in the fields of archaeology and cultural heritage, officially based in Florence. Aarhus University and Moesgaard Museum have been invited to join the ARIADNE collaboration owing to the strong research environment in…

2019.02.07 | Filosofi og Idéhistorie

Andreas Beyer Gregersen – New PhD student at the department for Philosophy and History of Ideas

Andreas Beyer Gregersen is writing a PhD about the concept of civility in social and political philosophy. He holds both a Master’s and a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Philosophy from Aalborg University.

2019.02.05 | Antropologi

Lis Kayser - New PhD at the Department of Anthropology

Liz Kayser will be working on the project: "Nuclear Waste in French Polynesia: Dealing with Remnants of Times Gone"

Photo: Foto & Medielab, Moesgård Museum

2019.02.04 | Grant, Arts

Art and research in dialogue about the world we share

A new collaboration between the Interacting Minds Centre at Aarhus University and Studio Olafur Eliasson in Berlin will provide us with basic knowledge of how people think and act. The project has been granted DKK 15 million by the Carlsberg Foundation.

2019.01.30 | Arkæologi

Wesam Mansour- New Phd at the Department of Archeaology and Heritage Studies

Wesam Mansour will join CAS in February where she will be working on a project that investigates what the public view as ‘their’ heritage in contrast to global perceptions of Egypt’s heritage.

2019.01.30 | Antropologi

Trine My Thygaard-Nielsen - New PhD-student at the Department of Anthropology

Trine My Thygaard-Nielsen will be working on a project studying industrial organic tomato production and climate change in Southern Spain

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