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History and Classical Studies

Classical Studies

Classical Studies deals with all aspects of Graeco-Roman Antiquity: material and visual culture, literature and language, ideas and ideals. We also study how Graeco-Roman culture interacts with other Mediterranean cultures and how it was received and re-interpreted in later periods. Classical Studies combines two scholarly traditions: Classical Archaeology (the study of the material culture of Antiquity) and Classical Philology (the study of Greek and Latin language and literature.


In the history programme at Aarhus University we study the past to understand the present. A thorough knowledge of the past is an important tool for understanding ourselves and the world that we live in. Knowledge of the past provides depth and breadth; it allows us to look beyond the current agenda and put the world in perspective. Studying history does not provide definitive answers to contemporary dilemmas, but it does offer us the opportunity to engage in a continuous dialogue about how the world obtained its present shape, and how we have become who we are.

Academic staff

At History

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Andersen, Ane Lomholt Student Teacher
Appel, Charlotte Associate Professor chap@cas.au.dk +4587162808 1461, 418
Arnorsdottir, Agnes Associate Professor hisaa@cas.au.dk +4587162183 1461, 425
Balling, Niels Josva Student Teacher
Brimnes, Niels Associate Professor hisnb@cas.au.dk +4587162215 1461, 526
Cole, Richard Assistant Professor richardcole@cas.au.dk +4587162228 1463, 524
Farbøl, Rosanna Assistant Professor rosanna.farboel@cas.au.dk +4587162209 1463, 528
Frausing, Mikael hismf@cas.au.dk +4551925954
Funder, Heidi Part-time Lecturer hefu@cas.au.dk
Gram-Skjoldager, Karen Associate professor, research programme director hiskgs@cas.au.dk +4587162306 1461, 528
Hermankova, Petra Postdoc petra.hermankova@cas.au.dk 1463, 421
Hilson, Mary Professor mary.hilson@cas.au.dk +4587162237 1461, 430
Holmqvist, Silke PhD Student sh@cas.au.dk 1463, 525
Høyer, Linnea Amalie Student Teacher
Jensen, Helle Strandgaard Associate Professor hs.jensen@cas.au.dk +4587162203 1463, 526
Jensen, Mette Frisk Senior Advisor, PHD, Leader of danmarkshistorien.dk hismfj@cas.au.dk +4587162327 1461, 420
Junghans, Jennie Sejr Research Assistant junghans@cas.au.dk
Jørgensen, Claus Møller Associate Professor hiscj@cas.au.dk +4587162218 1461, 522
Kansteiner, Wulf Professor with Special Responsibilities wk@cas.au.dk +4587162195 1461, 521
Kase, Vojtech Postdoc kase@cas.au.dk 1463, 528
Knudsen, Johan Knud Vad
Koefoed, Nina Javette Associate Professor hisnk@cas.au.dk +4587162198 1461, 520
Krasilnikoff, Jens Associate Professor hisjk@cas.au.dk +4587162189 1461, 423
Kristensen, Stine Slotved Student Teacher ssk@cas.au.dk
Lange, Emil Bliksted Student Teacher
Magnúsdóttir, Rósa Associate Professor slarm@cas.au.dk +4587162319 1461, 426
Netterstrøm, Jeppe Büchert Associate Professor hisjbn@cas.au.dk +4587162204 1461, 422
Nielsen, Christian Alexander A Student Teacher
Nielsen, Christian Axboe Associate Professor christian.a.nielsen@cas.au.dk +4587162241 1461, 625
Nielsen, Louise Eva Student Teacher
Nygaard, Bertel Associate Professor bertel.nygaard@cas.au.dk +4587162225 1461, 524
Olesen, Niels Wium Associate Professor hisnwo@cas.au.dk +4587162192 1461, 518
Olesen, Thorsten Borring Professor histbo@cas.au.dk +4587162208 1461, 530
Ostoic, Antonio Rivero Postdoc jaro@cas.au.dk +4587161123 1463, 423
Poulsen, Bjørn Professor hisbp@cas.au.dk +4587162184 1461, 424
Saabye, Sigrid Nielsen Postdoc ssaabye@cas.au.dk
Sobotkova, Adéla Associate Professor adela@cas.au.dk +4587162317 1463, 522
Sørensen, Anne Ingeborg Frank Senior Advisor hisais@cas.au.dk +4550177474 1461, 525
Sørensen, Astrid Elkjær Postdoc hisaes@edu.au.dk +4531709131 D, 341
Thelle, Mikkel Associate Professor iksmikkel@cas.au.dk +4587162206 1461, 428

At Classical Studies

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Beck, Jarl Student Teacher
Brughmans, Tom Associate Professor t.b@cas.au.dk +4587162546 4230, 226
Christensen, Mads Østerlund Assistant Lecturer moch@cas.au.dk
Christensen, Milena Simon Student Teacher
Djurslev, Christian Thrue Research Assistant ctd@cas.au.dk
Frahm, Astrid Eugenie Haug Student Teacher
Hastrup, Helene Blinkenberg Part-time Lecturer klahbh@cas.au.dk +4587162047 1463, 428
Hinge, George Associate Professor george.hinge@cas.au.dk +4587162337 1461, 322
Kasos, Lior Student Teacher
Kratschmer, Adele Karoline Student Teacher
Kristensen, Troels Myrup Associate professor, research programme director tmk@cas.au.dk +4587162043 1461, 320
Lykke, Søren Vestergaard Student Teacher
Nørskov, Vinnie Associate Professor klavn@cas.au.dk +4560202708 1414, 115
Pade, Marianne Professor pade@cas.au.dk 1461, 330
Poulsen, Birte Associate Professor klabp@cas.au.dk +4587162139 1461, 324
Raja, Rubina Professor rubina.raja@cas.au.dk +4587162046 1461, 326
Svenningsen, Sara Ahrendt Part-time Lecturer sas@cas.au.dk
Thomassen, Johanne Berg Student Teacher
Thorstensen, Jens Christian H. Part-time Lecturer jct@cas.au.dk
van Emde Boas, Evert Hendrik Associate Professor evert.vanemdeboas@cas.au.dk +4587162346 1461, 318
Åbom, Dorthe Møller Teaching Associate Professor dorthe.m.aabom@cas.au.dk

At danmarkshistorien.dk (in Danish)

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Jensen, Mette Frisk Senior Advisor, PHD, Leader of danmarkshistorien.dk hismfj@cas.au.dk +4587162327 1461, 420
Sørensen, Anne Ingeborg Frank Senior Advisor hisais@cas.au.dk +4550177474 1461, 525