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Transformational leadership

In contemporary social science and in management theory, transformational leadership is one of the most influential theories (Matzler et al.: 815).

The concept of transformational leadership was introduced by B. M. Bass (1985) and describes how and why leaders are able to motivate people to do their best and motivate followers to overcome self-interest, strive for a higher purpose or vision and thus accomplish more than expected (Matzler et al.: 816 with further references). The four different "types" of behavioural transformational management are (ibid. 116f.).:

a) the development of a shared vision

b) the leader's act as a role model

c) visions of intellectual stimulation

d) guidance on individual needs 

It is in this discursive framework that the EVTL project will examine Cicero's, Paul's, and Seneca's letter writing - in compliance with their time and read side by side - as such visions for transformational leadership.