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Anthropologists can help private organisations

“Our anthropologists make a vital contribution to our business activities. They provide us with fundamental knowledge about how the people for whom we develop medicine and medical equipment live their lives with chronic illnesses. This helps our experts to fully understand the complex circumstances in which our products are actually used. Anthropologists constantly challenge the way we think and keep us focused on the needs of the people we are trying to help. And this basic understanding and empathy are essential elements in our innovation and the development of the products that ultimately generate value for Novo Nordisk.”

Kenneth Strømdahl, Senior Vice President, Device Research & Development, Novo Nordisk A/S

"Anthropologists help us understand the deep and often fundamental change that happens in our programmes with playful interventions. Our interventions often happen in contexts under very difficult circumstances and a variety of socio-economic backgrounds, and the methods of anthropology help us empathize with the situations and identify the stories for external sharing, learning and organizational development".

Bo Stjerne Thomsen, Head of Research, LEGO Foundation


“The Alexandra Institute helps private and public companies to use the latest research and technology within the field of IT. Success depends on the use of teams of experts from a variety of fields, and this is where anthropologists are absolutely vital. Anthropologists use field studies and other methods of user inclusion to identify and describe the areas in which IT technologies are to be used. For instance, they can study working practices in an organisation which needs a new IT system, or the ways in which people interact with new technology in their own homes. This qualitative knowledge can be used at multiple stages of the development process, providing a holistic perspective on the technologies in question and helping to ensure that new technologies and systems actually work in practice.”

Ole Lehrmann Madsen, CEO Alexandra Institute