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The Anthropological Analysis Unit at Moesgaard

  • Anthropological analysis of human interaction and structures in your organisation and among your citizens, patients, clients or partners

The anthropologists at MANTRA explore, challenge and rethink current issues relating to human culture. Anthropological studies are based on a qualitative, open approach to human interaction and lifestyles. We always adopt a critical external perspective with a view to spotting the potential for change and improvement, based on theory about human action, organisation and social structures. Read more about MANTRA.

MANTRA can offer:

  • Jointly developed project designs, analysis and reporting
  • Co-financed research
  • Project collaboration with students
  • User surveys and innovation projects
  • Grant applications in partnership
  • Organisational analyses and evaluations

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MANTRA uses the following methods:

  • Open qualitative research methods
  • Comparative studies
  • A critical external perspective
  • A thorough understanding of the culture studied

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MANTRA draws on the services of experts in the following fields (among others):

  • Health and illness
  • Bureaucracy and power
  • Social media, film and photography
  • Migration and tourism
  • Specific regions and religions

Are you interested?

We are always happy to design tailor-made solutions for individual clients. Please send a brief description of the task in question to: Johanne Korsdal Sørensen.

She is responsible for MANTRA, as well as being the project manager for most of our collaboration projects. She is an anthropologist from Aarhus University and has a PhD in sociology from the University of Copenhagen. She has been involved in project management for public and private organisations for many years, including experience of health-IT development projects (across different sectors and in close collaboration between public and private players). Johanne also has a great deal of research experience, qualifying as an associate professor in 2017.