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Safety calendar for international cattle farms

SEGES Innovation and MANTRA, Aarhus University has, together with farmers and Danish and international farm workers on Danish farms, developed a new dialogue tool, a safety calendar.

The safety calendar is aimed at cattle farms and contains twelve key safety themes; one theme for each month of the year. The themes have been selected in collaboration with farmers and international farm workers. In the calendar there are QR codes that link up to a number of video materials and other materials on the specific safety themes.

The idea behind the safety calendar is that it can, for example, be used at planning meetings on the individual farm and be a dialogue tool that helps to ensure an ongoing discussion about safety management on farms.

See the calendar here: https://www.landbrugsinfo.dk/Public/7/9/F/arbejdsmiljo_calender_safety_farm

Contact SEGES Innovation for further information and/or if you would like a calendar (contact details on the website).