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Department of Anthropology

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Moesgaard Campus

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Students gathered at a lecture in the MoMu Auditorium

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Research exhibition at Moesgaard Museum: "IKERASAK – Everyday stories from a Greenlandic settlement" (Vium 2024)

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A vibrant study and teaching environment

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Still from the Ethnographic Documentary “Light upon Light” (Suhr & Lotfy 2022)


The Department of Anthropology at Aarhus University is one of Europe's largest and most vibrant teaching and research environments within its field.

The researchers and students in the department make up an open and dynamic community. Together, we explore the fascinating diversity of the worlds that humans inhabit and address the burning issues of our time, developing new theoretical and methodological approaches along the way in order to understand and tackle them.

We collaborate broadly with a number of other disciplines from philosophy and biology to medicine and host numerous externally funded research projects. Our research is critically engaged in contemporary issues on a local and global scale and seeks to constantly push the boundaries of the state-of-the-art within our field. See a more detailed description of our research here.

Undergraduate and graduate courses at the department are taught at a theoretically high and methodologically innovative level in continuous collaboration with both researchers and external partners.

The department is located at Moesgaard Campus in the beautiful woodlands south of the city of Aarhus, adjacent to Moesgaard Museum. Our researchers collaborate with the museum, and every year, our undergraduate students create an exhibition at the museum as part of their bachelor’s degree.


Head of department

Nina Holm Vohnsen

Head of research program

Marie Louise Tørring

Department consultant

Sofie Raun

Department secretary

Ea Falk Thostrup