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UN's Sustainable Development Goals 2019

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals - in an anthropological perspective

Friday the 15’th of marts 2019, the department of Anthropology invited to an afternoon seminar at Moesgaard Campus. After a welcome by external relations manager, Johanne Korsdal Sørensen, and professor, Lotte Meinert, the UN’s  Sustainable Development Goals and the role of anthropology in working with the Sustainable Development Goals were highlighted by three contributions from:

Birgitte Markussen, EU Africa Director

”Anthropology in an active multilateralism”

»The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals from an anthropological perspective are, from my EU perspective, about how anthropologists can contribute to the major multilateral agendas. Anthropology in an active multilateralism. My presentation will focus on the pressure on Western values, new world politics in Africa and what we can learn from the migration debate. Anthropologists can and should contribute is to the focal points of international politics and in relation to creating understanding between cultures. Not least when multilateral diplomacy is rolled out in favor of trade agreements, combating climate change, long-term migration dialogue and the security challenges of the time. My presentation is based on partnerships regarding EU and Africa.« 

Irene Quist Mortensen, Senior CSR Business Partner at Arla International 

”The World Goals in a cooperate perspective”

»Our planet is facing enourmous economic, social and environmental challenges. Therefore, governments around the world have together with the UN defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals, that highlights the global priorities and ambitions for sustaniable development for 2030. The SDGs give a common language for sustainable development and encourages global partnerships in order to eradicate poverty and create a life of dignity and possibility for all. It is vital that the companies are involved.

As an international dairy group, Arla can contribute to fulfilling the ambitions of the SDGs. The SDGs set the framework for the company strategy for sustainability and responsibility. The presentation gives specific examples of the international initiatives of Arla from Nigeria, Bangladesh and the Middle East and shows how we work with the SDGs in a way that promotes a sustainable development and at the same time creates business value for Arla.«

Tim Whyte, Secretary General in Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke / ActionAid Denmark

"The role of Anthropology in “Leaving No One Behind”"

»The central principle in the  Sustainable Development Goals is ”Leaving no one behind”. It is a recognition that the growth and progress in the world has been unequally attributed and a promise that states and other actors commit to acting it differently from now on. But that principle doesn’t seem to be present with many of those who work with the  Sustainable Development Goals. In Denmark, which is often presented as one of the world’s leading countries within the  Sustainable Development Goals, we have actually had more poverty and inequality since the goals were adopted. And worldwide, we still need to ensure that the most vulnerable are heard and become active players in this work. What role can anthropology play in ensuring that vulnerable population groups benefit from and become independent actors in the agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals?«