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2015.10.09 | Teologi

Louise Heldgaard Bylund – new PhD student at Theology

Louise Heldgaard Bylund has recently started her interdisciplinary PhD-project with the title: “Theology and anthropology in contemporary Danish children’s bibles.”

2015.09.20 | Teologi

Visiting PhD student from Yale University

Tyler Smith is a visiting PhD student at the School of Culture and Society until October 29

2015.05.07 | Kristendom og teologi i kultur og samfund, Teologi

God is back!

Svend Andersen has written the book ”God” in Aarhus University Press’ Reflections series.

2015.02.05 | Teologi

New Danish Representative in The World Council of Churches

Maria Munkholt Christensen is a PhD student at the Department of Theology, and she has recently been appointed as member of the commission “Faith and Order” within The World Council of Churches.

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