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2021.08.25 | Religionsvidenskab

Aaron Lightner - New Postdoc at the Department of the Study of Religion

Aaron Lightner will be affiliated the project "Gods, Games, and the Socioecological Landscape" from 1 September 2021.

2021.02.25 | Religionsvidenskab, Debate

Simon Nygaard - Ny adjunkt ved afdeling for Religionsvidenskab

Simon Nygaard er ansat som adjunkt i førkristen nordisk religion.

2021.01.26 | Religionsvidenskab

Ricarda Setgmann - New Marie Curie postdoc at the Department for the Study of Religion.

Ricarda Stegmann investigates contemporary Sufi spirituality of the middle classes.

2019.12.09 | Religionsvidenskab

Lektor Jesper Frøkjær Sørensen modtager bevilling fra Carlsbergfondet

Jesper Frøkjær Sørensen har netop modtaget et Carlsberg Foundation Monograph Fellowship til projektet: Towards a Cultural Immunology.

2019.08.15 | Religionsvidenskab

Benjamin Purzycki - Associate Professor the Department of the Study of Religion

Benjamin will study the processes responsible for religious systems' covariance with threats to cooperation and coordination and assesses their effectiveness in alleviating those threats.

2019.08.15 | Religionsvidenskab

Anne Lundahl Mauritsen - Ny ph.d. ved afdeling for Religionsvidenskab

Anne starter som ph.d. d. 1. september og skal koncentrere sig om et voksende forskningsfelt omkring fænomener som ateisme, agnosticisme og ’irreligiøsitet’.

2019.01.17 | Religionsvidenskab

Sanne Andersen Hansen - Ny ph.d. ved afdeling for Religionsvidenskab

Sanne starter som ph.d. ved instituttet d. 1. februar og skal arbejde med projektet: Levet religion til udstilling i fortids-, nutids- og fremtidsperspektiver – som en aktiv del af kulturhistoriske museer

Moesgård, where the Department of Anthropology and the Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies are based (photo: Moesgård Foto).

2018.03.07 | Awards, Antropologi, Arkæologi, Religionsvidenskab, Teologi

Three subject areas ranked among the top 50 in the world

Three of the subject areas taught at the School of Culture and Society have been included in the top 50 on the latest QS ranking list.

2017.03.16 | Knowledge exchange, Religionsvidenskab

Peaceful co-existence between religions: how can this be achieved?

The experiences gained in both Indonesia and Denmark with regard to tolerance and co-existence between various religious and ethnic groups are to be discussed at a public round-table debate at Aarhus University on Monday 20 March.

Associate professor Jesper Sørensen.

2017.01.24 | Religionsvidenskab

New research programme director at the Department of the Study of Religion

Jesper Sørensen is new research programme director from 1 January 2017

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