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Christianity and Theology in Culture and Society: Formation – Reformation – Transformation 

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The research programme for Theology

The research programme gathers research in theology and closely related subjects. The traditional range of subjects of theology encompasses the disciplines: the Old Testament, the New Testament, Church History, Practical Theology, Dogmatics, Ethics and Philosophy of Religion as well as Missionary and Ecumenical Theology. The research programme furthermore encompasses research within the science of Diaconia and Jewish Studies.

The programme has, with its interest in Christianity’s and theology’s interaction with culture, politics, society and the interreligious dialogue, a significant interdisciplinary dimension. Therefore, the research programme contains a list of interdisciplinary collaborations, among other things with History, the Study of Religion, Philosophy and History of Ideas, Classical Philology, social sciences, Archaeology and aesthetical subjects.

The research programme consists of five research units

As well as three interdisciplinary centres

Furthermore, the research programme is in close collaboration with


Research Programme Director

Bo Kristian Holm

Professor with Special Responsibilities

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