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GS Alumni event - you are all invited!

Meet your fellow students, enjoy exchanging news from your fields, ideas for future collaborations, find current students for internships and more. Please register before October 20!

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Fredag 25. oktober 2024,  kl. 14:00 - 18:00


AULAEN: 1412-129 and Vandrehallen: 1410

GLOBAL STUDIES – Brazil Studies, China Studies, European Studies, GLAS, India and South Asia Studies, International Studies, Japan Studies, Russia Studies – will have their first alumni event, where you can meet your fellow students and enjoy exchanging news from your fields, ideas for future collaborations, find current students for internships, ‘erhvervs-‘ MA thesis or PhD thesis, student jobs or more. NETWORK for new job opportunities or business insights. We are looking forward to seeing you all reuniting and getting to know other GS alumni and current students.

14.00-15.00: Welcome tea, coffee, cake, nuts, and fruit
15.00-15.45: Global Studies roundtable: “Research at Global Studies right now”
15.45-16.15: Celebrating the newest alumni
16.15-18.00: Alumni networking & reception

To avoid food waste, please sign up no later than October 20. Use the link above.

If you have any questions, please forward them to department secretary, Bende Ingvorsen: bi@cas.au.dk

Poster is attached below