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International influences on the Nordic Model: Swedish-Israli cooperation on development aid to Africa in the 1960s

Seminar with Orna Keren-Carmel (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Orna Keren-Carmel (Billede: privat)

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Torsdag 1. december 2022,  kl. 10:15 - 12:00


Bygning 1461, Mødelokale 516


Nordic models in the global circulation of ideas, 1970-2020 & Historys Research programme

The Mount Carmel Training Center in Haifa (Israel), a joint Israeli-Swedish venture, has played a significant and unique role in North-South relations since it was founded in 1961. Its success derived not only from the fact that Israel and Sweden acted upon similar socialist values at the time, but also from the fact that both greatly benefited from it: the young Israeli state, lacking on financial resources and not least on international allies, enjoyed Swedish substantial budget supplement and the constructive rapprochement between the countries that followed; while Sweden, joining rather late to the race of developed countries to the recently established African states, enjoyed Israel's pioneering experience in the field of development aid. This case study examines how knowledge on Nordic and Israeli models of development aid circulated within the dominant Social Democratic sphere of influence during the mid-20th century.

The seminar is organised together with the research project “Nordic models in the global circulation
of ideas, 1970-2020”, funded by Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF), as part of
the Research Programme in History.

For more information contact mary.hilson@cas.au.dk.

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