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Guided tour around the manor and Moesgaard Museum. 
1st group meetings - International MoCa Mates programme. 
Questions and dicussion at the AU Moesgaard Autumn Lecture.

2015.09.14 | Antropologi, Arkæologi

Welcome to new Master’s students at Moesgaard Campus (MoCa)

The first week of September equals Intro Week for new Master’s students at Moesgaard, i.e. full degree programmes in Archaeology, Sustainable heritage Management, Anthropology, and Human Security. This year a new initiative called MoCa Mates brings together senior Master’s students with new international students.

2015.01.22 | Arkæologi

Digital Heritage - Final call for papers.

Digital Heritage is an annual conference hosted by the Centre for Digital Heritage. This year, the theme will be '3D representation in knowledge production. Submission deadline for papers is extended until January 23.

2014.11.17 | Seminar, Research, Arkæologi

Has one of Harald Bluetooth’s fortresses come to light?

In September 2014, archaeologists from the Danish Castle Centre and Aarhus University announced the discovery of a Viking fortress in a field belonging to Vallø Manor, located west of Køge on the east coast of Sealand. This was the first discovery of its kind in Denmark in over 60 years. Since then, archaeologists have been waiting impatiently for…

Søren Sindbæk and Nanna Holm at the excavation site (click for larger photo).
Ground plan of the Fyrkat Viking fortress placed on top of the Vallø ringed fortress. The red lines show the outline of the Vallø excavation (click for larger photo). © Danish Castle Centre

2014.09.05 | History and achaeology, Research, Materials, Culture and Heritage, Arkæologi

Sensational Viking fortress discovered near Køge

In collaboration with the diocese of Vallø, archaeologists from the Danish Castle Centre and Aarhus University have discovered a previously unknown Viking fortress in a field west of Køge, Denmark. The discovery could be an important piece in Denmark’s historical jigsaw puzzle.

Archaeology students from Aarhus University Ulla Ragna Berg Rasmussen og Anders Bonde Mørk in the excavation at the Alken Enge. Photo: Anders Trærup, AU Foto

2014.07.28 | Research, Arkæologi

Violent aftermath for the warriors at Alken Enge

Four pelvic bones on a stick and bundles of desecrated bones testify to the ritual violence perpetrated on the corpses of the many warriors who fell in a major battle close to the Danish town of Skanderborg around the time Christ was born.

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