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The Publication Workshop, Spring 2024

Publication Workshop for members of the research programme of Anthropology

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Onsdag 24. april 2024,  kl. 13:00 - 15:00


Department of Anthropology at Moesgård

At the Publication Workshop we help each other turn draft papers into articles (or book chapters) ready for submission.

Participants will be divided into groups of four researchers. Everyone in the group will have to read all papers. Each group arrange to meet for two hours to give feedback on the circulated papers. Comments should be critical and constructive and help the author improve the paper and make it ready for submission. Each paper will be discussed for max. 30 minutes. The author is not supposed to respond, but simply listen, take notes and say: ‘thanks’!

The concept of The Publication Workshop is as simple as it sounds – but is works, and it gives us an opportunity to read and learn more about the research currently being conducted at the department and within the research program.

The workshop will take place Wednesday, 24 April 2024.

After the feedback sessions, all participants will gather at the MoMu-Restaurant for dinner sponsored by the research program.

Please, sign up for the workshop to the Webshop before January 29, 2024 . You need to submit title and abstract of your paper. English and Danish outputs are welcome. Please indicate which journal or book project the paper is aimed for. 

Sign up here. 

Full papers (articles or chapters) should be circulated to the rest of the group no later than Monday, April 5. 

Each group can decide a deadline for final submissions later in the spring 2024 – but why not submit the articles just before the annual Summer Party, that will give you something to celebrate?

We hope that many of you will use this opportunity to finally get your conference paper turned into a journal article or book chapter.

If you have any questions please write to Mikkel: mikkel.rytter@cas.au.dk

Marie Louise Tørring and Mikkel Rytter