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Materials, Culture and Heritage

Materials, Culture and Heritage

Archaeology and Deep History


The concern of MCH is to provide knowledge of the long-term process that creates heritage – an intriguing category that unites materials with culture in a processual and still uncharted manner.


This endeavour heeds a broad explorative approach to the ways individuals, groups and societies have engaged culturally with materials in the past and in the present, examining specific situations as well as longer term trends of what has broadly been called Deep History with archaeology as core subject area. We pay attention to the strategies that underpin human interaction with the tactile and visible world of materials resulting in their incorporation or rejection and their interpretation or dissemination. This will imply tracking cultural particularities as well as universalities to identify what is unique/shared.


Such a perspective invites collaborations, across the humanities and integrating the natural sciences, to explore how different material forms become charged with cultural properties. A central question to cope with is why some engagements with materials become cross-culturally shared and inclusive whilst others are claimed as culturally unique and in effect become exclusive and even provoke tensions, conflicts, and wars.


MCH currently operates with 10 research groups.


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