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Rising China and Chinese Migrants in Europe

- A Sino-European Interdisciplinary Approach to Chinese Mobility

    International workshop 12-15 November, 2017

    China’s economic, social and cultural rise has impacted Chinese migration to and within Europe and is transforming the Chinese diaspora communities as well as sending and receiving countries in new ways and directions. What kind of novel formations of mobility, organizational structures, economic development, identities as well as power dynamics are the new Chinese diasporas bringing into play and how are they impacting sending and receiving countries as well as the individual migrant and diaspora communities? What are the interconnections between the macro level of China’s increasing integration into the global economy, its simultaneous development into a diaspora state, Europe’s economic recession and changing political landscape and the micro level of Chinese diaspora communities and the individual migrant?

    We cordially invite scholars to attend this workshop to explore recent transformations and developments of recent migratory processes taking place from China to Europe as a result of China’s development into a world economic and political power. The proposed workshop aims to stimulate innovative, thought-provoking, and ground-breaking research on the transformations and developments of new and old Chinese diasporas in Europe from transnational, cross-regional, and interdisciplinary perspectives.

    Through comparative studies of recent Chinese mobility to, within and beyond Europe, we hope to advance new academic knowledge and theories about the causes and consequences of contemporary Chinese migration of value to scholars of migration in general, as well as to policymakers, social workers and civil society practitioners etc.

    Practical information


      ZHAO Zile


      Jinan University, China

      E-mail zhao_zile@163.com   
      Mobile +86 15602309626

      Mette Thunø

      Associate Professor

      Aarhus University, Denmark

      E-mail mettethunoe@au.dk
      Mobile +45 29799330