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Russian studies at AU

Russian studies at Aarhus University offers extensive language, cultural and social training in an important world region, covering eleven time zones from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. Learning Russian language is your starting point for a dialogue with not only the around 145 million inhabitants of the Russian Federation, but also the millions of Russian-speakers living in the former Soviet space and across the world. Russia’s vast natural resources, its energy-based economy, and increasingly aggressive foreign policy are a major issue for its East European neighbors, the EU and Nordic countries. Russia’s rich and dramatic cultural history has left us a world heritage of visual arts, literature, and cinema, and Russia continues to impact arts and sciences today. You will study the region as a disciplinary whole: gaining expertise in culture, society, politics and history and acquiring academic and analytical skills contributing towards future employability.

Degrees and Opportunities

The 7-semesters BA program in Russian studies at Aarhus University is a language-based area study, taught by an international staff of experts. The first two semesters provide you with intensive language training by native-speaking specialists in Russian as a foreign language. Furthermore, the two courses “Russia Now” and “Russian history” introduce you to contemporary society, politics, and culture and deepen your understanding of current developments by placing them in a broader historical perspective. These courses are taught in English and Danish. You obtain general study skills to improve your academic writing and reading and work both independently and in study groups.

In the 3rd semester language training advances to the intermediary level, a course in Russian identities, cultures and society prepare you for the 4th semester abroad at a partner university in one of the Baltic states where Russian is widely spoken. In “studium generale” you receive a general introduction to academic theories and methods, and here you meet and exchange with students from our Global studies sister programs in Brazil, India, China and Japan studies.

In the 5th and 7th semester you use Russian language sources actively and you train Russian text comprehension, translation from Russian to Danish, oral language proficiency, while advanced courses on Russian culture & history and society & politics prepare you for your BA-project (Sem. 7). For an overview of the program structure and the academic regulations, click here.

A BA degree in Russian studies combines well with many other disciplines. At our own department of Global studies, we offer a minor (tilvalg, 5th and 6th semester) in “Addressing global challenges,” read more here. At MA level, you can further improve your competences and language skills at the 4-semesters master program in Global Area Studies (GLAS). The 1st and 2nd semester consist of a combination of joint lectures with students with a background in Brazil, India, China and Japan studies, and small, intensive Russian area classes and language training. The 3rd semester you are free to arrange a Russia-related internship home or abroad, before finalizing your MA-thesis in the 4th semester. Read more about GLAS here.

Graduates from the Russian program pursue career paths within fields as different as communication and journalism; teaching and training; international trade and tourism; public administration; defense and security, research. 

Partners and Activities

You spend a full semester abroad at a partner university in a part of the Baltic states where Russian is widely spoken

Our students often go on internships at the Danish Embassies and Cultural Institutes in East European and Central European countries.

Students sometimes arrange joint trips to various destinations in Eastern Europe and some engage in Silba Aarhus – Initiative for Dialogue and Democracy, a non-profit and cross-political youth organization that works for democracy and bridge-building.

Read more about the degree programme here: bachelor.au.dk/ruslandstudier