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China studies at AU

The program of China Study denotes the study and research on any aspect of Chinese culture, history and politics, which are based on a solid knowledge of Chinese language. The program has been playing a vital role in nurturing the study by providing quality teaching and research. We have a group of academic experts and teachers in the social sciences and humanities, who work on contemporary China with a research focus on Chinese socialization, governance, migration, cultural production and language pedagogy. We offer a comprehensive education program that includes bachelor's, master's and PhD studies and many opportunities for specializations and studies in China.

The program of China Studies promotes collaborative research on China; and it channels the breadth and depth of expertise across other programs at the Department of Global Studies. We are actively involved in many external activities such as continuing education and press contact.

In China Studies' tea house, regular guest lectures are held and other extracurricular activities are arranged.

For more information see: bachelor.au.dk/kinastudier