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Tradium study choice survey 

Gender and study choice in Randers

November 2022

The study choice survey concerning gender and study choice in Randers

The project is a co-financed research project between MANTRA, Aarhus University and HTX, Tradium in Randers. The project maps challenges and opportunities to attract more students to HTX with a particular focus on gender.

Through qualitative interviews, MANTRA has uncovered parameters that influence young 9th grade students’ choice of youth education. The parameters of educational choice can generally be divided into four categories, namely

  1. The training itself
  2. Young people’s relationships and interests
  3. Identity and gender and finally
  4. Bridge building and information

In addition, MANTRA has prepared 4 ”archetypes” on the different approaches to educational choices among 9th grade students’ educational choices, namely:

  1. Targeted towards the future
  2. Interest-controlled
  3. Environment, mood and sensations
  4. Those tired of primary school (those who still want to get an education, but want, for example, other subjects and forms of teaching)

With this mapping report, MANTRA has created insight into and understanding of how young 9th-graders make youth education choices. More specific insight and understanding of what influences young people’s choice of education with a focus on opting in and out of HTX. The study shows that the experience of youth education is crucial for the 9th grade students to feel they are making an informed choice. The students’ choices are influenced by the social and cultural environments they are in. At the same time, the majority are relatively settled when they meet HTX in 9th grade. MANTRA’s three overall recommendations to accelerate the cultural change and attract more students to HTX are therefore:

  1. Development of more opportunities to meet HTX in 7.-9. grade.
  2. An earlier effort with a focus on STEM, innovation and design.
  3. Focus on the parents

Report: Gender and choice of study in Randers

An investigation of what influences the choice of secondary education among 19 pupils in 9th grade at Randers Realskole and Tirsdalen school in Randers. 

Report from MANTRA- Moesgaard’s Anthropological Research and Analysis Unit. December 2020. 

Project participants

Research Assistant

Nina Bergholt Birkedal