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Oberseminar maj 2019

Oberseminar: Frühkaiserzeitliche Epistolographie


Connected to the EVTL Research Group (Aarhus, Göttingen, Birmingham)

Münster, May 10-12, 2019


Evangelisch-Theologische Fakultät, Universitätsstrasse 13-17, Münster

Raum 306


Friday 10/5

1)    14.00-16.00     Presentation of ECM project (Gospel of Mark) and its criteriology by Prof. Strutwolf et al., INTF


2)    16:00-16.30     Coffee break


3)    17.00-18.30     (De-)Coding session I: (a) Marie Andersen (Aarhus): Securing results from our last seminar; (b) group work: Reading Philippians in light of Transformational Leadership Items (instructions by Hubertus & Maximilian Theissen) – list (s. attachment from invitation to April seminar)


4)    18.30               Dinner (Café Malik)


Saturday 11/5

1)    10.00-12.30           Continuation (De-)Coding session II: Reading Ciceronian and Senecan letters in light of Transformational Leadership Items (letters attached!)


2)    12.30-14.00           Lunch break in town


3)    14.00-15.30           Ph.D.-parts – presentation: Erich Benjamin Pracht (Aarhus)


4)    15.30-16.00           Coffee break


5)    16.00-18.00           Presentations: (a) Dr. Francesca Minnone (Milan/Münster): “Early Christian authors and grammatical hermeneutics. Experiments on Paul's Letters”; b) cand. theol. Sabrina Zaffke (Münster): “Irony and leadership in Paul”


6)    18:15                     Dinner


Sunday 12/5


1)    9.30-12.00       Resume of the (de)coding and further plannings: web page and conference in March 2020 (Marie Andersen)


2)    12.30               Option for Lunch


3)    Option for participation in the Philo-conference (Flyer attached)